Sunday, December 28, 2008

An interesting phenomenon

An interesting thing happened at my weekend job, this weekend. I guess the incident itself wasn't so phenomenal as the reactions and responses that came with it. weekend job has ohh...probably thousands of agents that work there, from all over the country, from all walks of life. There's a forum board there where you can post your thoughts, bitches, and feelings about work, working there, or just about anything you want to post about. Those forums are dangerous to begin with. Hell, the people I work with are lethal!! They are the most judgemental, opinionated (even for me to say that!), insulting people I ever dealt with. At times I think IRC has nothing over on this bunch. What's scary about that is..."this bunch" isn't IRC. This is a chunk of Americana at its best. Oh yea.

Well. One of the agents decided to grab him a pic of Ari Hesty (some upcoming singer) and put it up as his avitar. Some people put avitars up of celebrities...some put some up of things (flowers, dogs, cartoon captions) some put pics up of themselves. When this guy put his up, some people asked him if it was his real pic. He lied and told them yes. Life at LiveOps went on as usual.

All was going well. He was carry on in the forums, posting and 'socializing' and the general consensus was...he was alright (gay from what I hear, but alright lol). Well, one day (and I suppose this was bound to happen), a different agent was out scouting around in You Tube and found this clip of the real Ari Hest, singing and doing a skit on it.

The posts started in. This one incident lead to about a dozen different threads about this agent who put up a picture of this Ari Hest, portraying it as himself. The majority thought of him as a lying, scheming, untrusting, deplorable human being. There were a few (myself included) that felt it was just a picture. The agent wasn't in any way hurting anybody. He wasn't trying to find real life with anyone. He wasn't promising anything to anyone, wasn't asking anybody for anything. I mean, if its just his looks we're talking about, he means not a damn thing to me or to anyone else what's the big deal?

What was interesting to me was, that while about hmm, 70% of the people posting opinions thought he was a liar and a bad boy, the biggest majority of the 30% of the people who didn't think it was a big thing were the people he actually did form closer ties to than the job. Interesting. Interesting to me, anyway. Imposters...or people saying they look like some picture of someone that isn't them isn't something new to me. It happens ALOT on IRC. Maybe thats why it didn't bother me. Or maybe it didn't bother me because I don't care who he thinks he wants to look like or who will accept him or not if they knew what he REALLY looked like, I don't know. But what I found interesting were...the people he got close and personal with didn't care. If anyone *should* have cared, it should have been them for him not being up front with them, if they went to a deeper level of relationship. But they all maintained what he looked like didn't change who he was.

And all the agents who never gave a rats ass about him suddenly are paying close, close attention to 'the lying fraud'.

I found the reactions....interesting.

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