Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've been reading alot about philosophy and lifestyles and it seems to me some people have confused or forgotten some things in their passion to identify themselves and their being. I speak mainly on my thoughts of the Gorean philosophy as I see it. (but we all have opinions, I know :P)

Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, law, justice, validity, mind, and language.[1][2] Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing these questions (such as mysticism or mythology) by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on reasoned argument.[3] The word is of Greek origin: φιλοσοφία, philosophía, "love of wisdom".[4][5][6] source from wikipedia, granted not a proven definitive source, but finding other sources sums it up here :) .

It is an overall vision of or attitude toward life and the purpose of life. Definition of philosophy of life, according to Webster.

It is not a dictatorship. There is a philosophy to dictatorship, too lol...but that really isn't the point, here. I speak of the Gorean philosophy. I listen to some people and I see they are not using "reasoned wisdom" in their arguments. Granted..."reasoned wisdom" is in the eye of the beholder. Even more reason to *reason* that there are many different aspects and ways to interpret and apply the philosophy to oneself. The concept of a Gorean philosophy (living it as a Gorean, I mean...not a Greek!! lol) has been around for as long as they've been written. What? Since the 60's sometime, I think the first one came out? Since the author of this series, a professor in philosophy does not comment or expound on whatever he intended to instill in the pages to be extracted as a lifestyle, based on philosophy leaves it opened to much argument and opinion as to what Gor exactly means.

As I read peoples thoughts on the matter, it means so very many different things to so many different people. Each right, in his own right, to call it Gorean, if they so deem fit to (imho). If something more uniform is desired, something more rigid, more controlled...then something more structured, with a system of authority, must be put in place to enforce and ensure everyone is living according to one single set of standards and laws. If that is whats wanted, then maybe investigating dictatorship, instead of Goreanism, or dictatorship in the name of Goreanism (Websters and wiki's ) wouldn't be a bad thing afterall.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Replacing the old with the new

I have been a fan of American Idol since the show started. I saw the very first season, and my husband and I have been watching it ever since. I know alot of people don't like it, but I do. :P I like real music...I'm not saying I don't like rock & roll or anything like that. But I like music that is REAL music. Not just screaming and saying off-the-wall shit like....i dont know...whatever! lol I also like the 'hutzpah' and ferocity of those kids. They take brutal criticism, endure under the stress of constant competition, while making bonds of true love WITH their competition, they sing their hearts out, they take criticism by the judges every week, they are judged by all of America every week, and they're just kids. Hell, my daughters feelings get hurt if I call her a pain in the ass! Not only that, some of them do sing very, very good. Until last night, I don't think I would have ever given up or replaced American Idol with anything else.


I'm also a huge Ozzie Osbourne fan, from the day. Back then, Ozzie was the king of off-the-wall shit, and is still pretty bold, and I really, really think he and Sharon are cool. Well, last night, I was forced to pick between American Idol and Osbourne's Reloaded...and Ozzie won. :)

It was great, and my husband laughed our asses off. They did some incredible stuff to people. Like...paying someone to kiss someone for $500. They brought up this 30ish guy and this cute 30ish girl, blind-folded him (no doubt with him assuming he was going to be kissing the cute little 30ish girl), then switched the girl with a woman who appeared to be at least in her 70's. LOL. I won't go into the gruesome details cuz I'm really not into writing, but after it was all over and done...and the blind-fold was removed and the guy saw who he was actually kissing...Sharon asked him if he was ready to do anything else for $500. LOL...he said no. There was a wedding on the show. A real life, honest to goodness wedding!! Only, the conditions of the wedding were surreal, and I'm sure my Gorean and BDSM friends wouldn't have gone for it. But it happened, and after the "I do's" were said, Ozzie sprayed white foam over them, his family, the audience...hell, everyone as the song "It's a nice day for a white wedding" played. I still laugh thinking about everything that the Osbourne's did last night...and if it has to, it's definately replacing Idol, too. At least for as long as it lasts. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Conclusions according to Louve

Well, over the last couple of weeks...or so..I've been spending time thinking (coming to conclusions, I would guess) about a couple of things. After much, MUCH reading on 2012 (and thats not nearly my only
reference...just the most complete, if anyone reading this cares to read up), but after reading all about it I've come to the conclusion to stop worrying. Either it is gonna happens, or it's not. If its not, life will go on and it all will die down like all the other unfulfilled predictions that we've endured. If it is going to happen, there sure as hell isn't going to be much anyone can do about it so....if I'm going to surrender to anything, I might as well surrender myself to that! *smirk*

My next conclusion is that I have resigned myself to the fact that I am never going to understand the lifestyle Goreans. I used to think I micro analyzed everything to an unhealthy, exhausting, (sometimes irrational) degree. Not so. I met my match in
Goreans. And granted, lets not take away from them the fact, that although living a
Gorean lifestyle has been around for a number of years. Its not near long enough to
come to the conclusions that alot of philosophies are definitely laid out on. And while most philosophies grow and mature to fruition and the true purpose of their embrace, Goerans (to me) seem to not want to grow to fruition at all. From my observations either they individually, or as 'cliches' that I'm sure they relate to 'brotherhoods', argue and dispute other individuals or 'cliches/brotherhoods', making it seem impossible to come to anything definitive. Not only do they understand their various beliefs and takes on it all, they rigorously believe their take is *the* Gorean way. In my view, Goreans hold themselves back with all the discrepancies among themselves as to what is and what isn't. And I've no doubt they would respond to that as "that is the nature of a Gorean. Alpha's fighting for their cause...their be on top. But everything in the books. Even the codes and various castes...the different cities and laws...all sat down, as Alpha males and were able to come up with their codes. So a more efficient way of politics and laws...and the reasons for them, were established. And to (not challenge, but I'm sure they see it as a challenge), propose such thoughts and opinions to them...and even other thoughts, many thought about it, they either dismiss you as 'just not one of the ones who get it', or 'not cut out to live the life'...or some other dismissing diversion, instead of intelligently addressing the issues with answers that, at least to this ungorean person, would like answers that can change my point of view...or at the very least, let me be able to intelligently understand why they think, act, and respond like they do...and then, when asked why...just blankettly, generically, sum it up as....Gorean. So again, my conclusion goes back to the very first sentence of this paragraph.

*Big sigh*

Even if its only writing out my thoughts and finalizing my conclusions in somehow feels therapeutic, to me. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

December 21, 2012

The History Channel is airing Armagedonn Week, this week. Out of curiosity, and because of my desire to hear, listen to, learn about mysterious things, I found myself watching the History Channel all day this past Sunday. I learned some interesting things....and it left me with alot of speculation.

First, as most know, the Mayans (and Nostradomus) have predicted that the world is ending on the first day of Winter Solstice...12/21/2012. Now, we've (at least I have) heard this 'premonition' before. In fact, wasn't it circulating in 1999 that the world was ending (another Nostradomus prediction) in the year 2000? I don't normally give in to this kind of hype. But, I learned some interesting things this past Sunday which leads me to believe something may indeed happen. Maybe not a big BOOM and the world disintegrates into little particles, and then again, maybe it will be a big BOOM. But...something. The Mayans are/were known for their incredible insight and knowledge in mathematics and astrology. In fact, Mayans lived by 3 calendars. One, called the Haab calendar, is the one closest to our tradional (Gregorian) calendar that we go by. The Haab calendar was 376 days, divided into months or divisions - 5 days that were considered the Unlucky Days. The Mayans however, believed that the cycles of the Haab calendar repeated itself twice, equivalent to our 4 seasons, kinda. They also had the Tzolkin calendar. It consisted of 260 days, (approximately 9 months) the length of a baby's gestational period. The the third calendar, the Long calendar, was equivalent to about a century of time (longer, but roughly equivalent). It was on the Long calendar that the Mayans calculated their premonitions, findings, and claims. (Most of which, over the years, have come to light). The Mayan's also believed that time repeats itself. It flows in cycles, as opposed to the normal thinking that time proceeds along a line, once you pass that point, its...history. The Mayan's believe that on the day of Winter Solstice in the year 2012 (12-21-12), the planets will align, there will be a shift in the earth's orbit and...things will change. They say, it could result in an end to the earth, or to the beginning of an earth we are not used to. That is the Mayan account.

And then some say, in reality....its the Dawning of the Age Aquarius
The End Of The Age (Towards 2012 AD)

There are great cycles in the cosmos which rule great events. One such is the cycle of the Great Zodiac Ages which spans almost 26,000 years. This is the time it takes our planet's equatorial plane (due to its axial wobble) to regress one full cycle along the solar plane (ecliptic). Each zodiac age can last anywhere from 2000 to 2300years. The Age of Pisces in which we live is one of the shortest ages, beginning in 26 AD and ending in 2012 AD -or a total of just over 1986 years. In 1945 we entered the last degree of Pisces. Here are the ages and their durations...

Aries, Pisces, Libra, Virgo 1986.37 years
Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus 2129.04 years
Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini 2291.28 years

These lengths are based on the Earth's electromagnetic (astrological) composition. The dates at which each begins or ends is based on the Mayan calender. The Mayan Great Year is 25,626.83 years, which is then divided into five periods of 5125.36 years or 1,872,000 days. These five "Worlds" or "Suns" do not necessarily correspond with the astrological ages, but the end of this fourth World does. The Mayan Fourth World or Sun began in 3113 BC and ends in 2012 AD. The Mayans use 5, 10, and 20 (fingers and toes) as their base numbers, and a whole octave series of dates around these key numbers can be built, as follows...

5125yrs 3113BC-2012AD Mayan 4th World
512.5yrs 1500-2012AD The Americas
51.25yrs 1961-2012AD Photon Belt
5.125yrs 2007-2012AD Pole Shift

Each successive period is ten times shorter, yet ten times more intense. The last 512 years were ten times more intense than the whole 4th World period. The last 51-year End Time period is 100 times more intense than the whole 4th World period and ten times more intense than the whole Modern era of the New World or Americas. The last 5-year period will be 1000 times more intense than the whole 4th World period, 100 times more intense than the Modern or Colonialist period, and 10 times more intense than the End-Time or Photon period. Every 5125-year period intensifies in this manner untill it is ended by a worldwide flood, fire, or other global catastrophe, from which humanity has to start all over again. While the crossover from one age to the next can take hundreds of years, the critical midpoint between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is December 21st, 2012 AD, when the Earth's equatorial plane aligns exactly with the galactic center. The Ages are a purely planetary phenomenon based on the planet's wobble. The source of this wobble is in dispute, although its suspected it is linked to our planet's inner sun (our planet is hollow containing an inner central sun). Each planet has its own ages. Each Age has a theme, and the theme of the Age of Pisces is Christianity (Sagittarius is on the Midheaven). Both Pisces and Sagittarius are "spiritual" signs interested in the larger meaning of life. The theme(s) of the coming Age of Aquarius will be truth and brotherhood. The best Age for this planet is Libra, since this is its ruling sign. The last such age was from 14,773 to 12,787 BC. Next best are Gemini (6380 to 4089 BC) and Aquarius(2012 to 4142 AD).

The Age of Pisces is NOT a good Age for this planet, as Pisces represents the eigth house of death for Libra. What is special about the Age of Aquarius is that not only is it a "good" Age, but it is also during this age that our solar system is going to be inside the photon belt. Every 10,684 years, our solar system enters this belt of photonic energy for a period of over 2100 years, usually during the Ages of Leo or Aquarius. When it was last in Leo, Atlantis reigned supreme in a Golden Age. Photon energy is divine enegry or what the bible calls the Holy Spirit, and which comes from the center of Creation and is stepped down to the galactic, solar, planetary, and individual levels. We will in effect be reconnected to our divine source. This will raise the vibratory level to the point where people will either resist and die or let go and be transformed into a light being. The Earth itself will be transformed and shine like a star as its inner central sun is finally fully turned on. This is the new heaven and earth.

Our solar system began its entry into the belt in the early 1960's and will be fully immersed by late 2012 AD. The effect of this will be like turning the light switch to the "on" position. This new energy will power everything from our bodies to gadgets and transportation systems. The old sources of energy will no longer work or be needed. During the ensuing Millennium everyone will work towards making this planet a paradise again, and after the 1000 years are over there will be a great Graduation event of souls who have acheived light being status as well as a great Resurrection of all souls throughout history who will be given 100 years to relive their lives and come to the truth. All those left behind will still have another 1000 years of grace before Earth and the solar system exit the photon belt and enter once again into another long night of 10,684 years, wherein only the interior of the planet will remain a paradise.

End of the world..or not?

The Dawning of the Age Aquarius