Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Call volume at my weekend job, so far, this weekend, is killer. I had back to back calls today, and most all of the time I was working was on bonus time. Four hours of work raked in 73 bucks! Yea!! I love this job, and don't mind giving up my weekends to work, when the work is good like that. I take infomercial television and radio offers on this job. The people you meet are interesting. Its a challenge and brings out my competitive nature, as I go thru the steps and try to sell them "upsells, and downsells". Those are good, and increase your ratings which increase your call volume. The downside of this job is I get per minute of talk time. So, when conditions aren't right, I could make as little as a waitress without her tips!! Those are huge bummer days, as I resent giving up my weekend time to sit idly at the pc, waiting for calls (money) to come my way.

Two years ago, I did this job full time. Money was never an issue for me then. I mean, I wasn't Rockefeller, or anything like that. But I wasn't worrying. Now, I work the infomercial job on weekends only, and work a regular 9-5, hourly rate of pay job, Monday thru Friday. The pay is MUCH less than LiveOps (the infomercial job). But it has benefits, like a 401K, paid holidays...and the potential to, along with my retirement pension from my respiratory career...and whatever pittance SS will be, will allow me to actually retire, one day. But...when call volume at LiveOps is good, that temptation to go back full-time kicks in...and I have to keep telling myself there's a reason I'm opting for lower income, even though I sure could use it right now.

After almost three months of painful struggling to make up a mortgage payment that I got behind on, I get a letter from my mortgage company, last week. The arm is being adjusted again. My payments just keep rising. It sucks. Yea...HELL YEA!!! Lets continue to bail out all these irresponsible corporations, while WE, the small guys, struggle and do whats OUR cost, struggle, and worry. It's the American way...and the smart thing to do...((so they say, but I don't, and won't, always believe what "they say").

But that will just turn into a rant, and I'm not in the mood for ranting today. Today's a good day. It's been productive. The freedom of working at home, at my desired time, both for my weekend and weekday jobs, makes me realize I don't have much to complain about (even though I do like to complain :)

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