Friday, February 27, 2009

Conclusions according to Louve

Well, over the last couple of weeks...or so..I've been spending time thinking (coming to conclusions, I would guess) about a couple of things. After much, MUCH reading on 2012 (and thats not nearly my only
reference...just the most complete, if anyone reading this cares to read up), but after reading all about it I've come to the conclusion to stop worrying. Either it is gonna happens, or it's not. If its not, life will go on and it all will die down like all the other unfulfilled predictions that we've endured. If it is going to happen, there sure as hell isn't going to be much anyone can do about it so....if I'm going to surrender to anything, I might as well surrender myself to that! *smirk*

My next conclusion is that I have resigned myself to the fact that I am never going to understand the lifestyle Goreans. I used to think I micro analyzed everything to an unhealthy, exhausting, (sometimes irrational) degree. Not so. I met my match in
Goreans. And granted, lets not take away from them the fact, that although living a
Gorean lifestyle has been around for a number of years. Its not near long enough to
come to the conclusions that alot of philosophies are definitely laid out on. And while most philosophies grow and mature to fruition and the true purpose of their embrace, Goerans (to me) seem to not want to grow to fruition at all. From my observations either they individually, or as 'cliches' that I'm sure they relate to 'brotherhoods', argue and dispute other individuals or 'cliches/brotherhoods', making it seem impossible to come to anything definitive. Not only do they understand their various beliefs and takes on it all, they rigorously believe their take is *the* Gorean way. In my view, Goreans hold themselves back with all the discrepancies among themselves as to what is and what isn't. And I've no doubt they would respond to that as "that is the nature of a Gorean. Alpha's fighting for their cause...their be on top. But everything in the books. Even the codes and various castes...the different cities and laws...all sat down, as Alpha males and were able to come up with their codes. So a more efficient way of politics and laws...and the reasons for them, were established. And to (not challenge, but I'm sure they see it as a challenge), propose such thoughts and opinions to them...and even other thoughts, many thought about it, they either dismiss you as 'just not one of the ones who get it', or 'not cut out to live the life'...or some other dismissing diversion, instead of intelligently addressing the issues with answers that, at least to this ungorean person, would like answers that can change my point of view...or at the very least, let me be able to intelligently understand why they think, act, and respond like they do...and then, when asked why...just blankettly, generically, sum it up as....Gorean. So again, my conclusion goes back to the very first sentence of this paragraph.

*Big sigh*

Even if its only writing out my thoughts and finalizing my conclusions in somehow feels therapeutic, to me. :)


Anonymous said...

Well I saw the 2012 thing on History and 12-21 is my wedding anniversary, I'm not sure where that plays into things! hehe)

They continuously come up with end of the world theory's. My question always has been if these "seers" were so smart why didn't they see the discovery of fire, the wheel, the cotton gin, penicillin etc??

Anyway, thats what I'm thinking!

Louve said...

Yes, the History Channel is what brought the whole 2012 thing to my attention, and me, having a passion for the unknown just couldnt resist checking into it. Of course, EVERYTHING you read on 2012 is speculation. The Mayans seem to have the most credibility on the matter (at least to me). Thinking of this as a pure matter of statistics though...its about time for distinction and someone else to take our places. That, I am most sure will happen eventually. The question there is....when? *grins*

Louve said...

ummm...thats EXtinction, not DIStinction!! (I hate when I do that and I do it often lol)

Also, the Mayans foretold of giant birds in the sky with tails of fire (airplanes or rockets? my guess is rockets since airplanes dont have fire tails behind them) and John the Prophet in Revelations spoke of huge vehicles (Tanks) and flying weapons (missiles, helicopters). Neither vision connected to the end of the world, but in Revelations, there were hints those things would be seen 'near the end'.